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If your questions aren't answered below, please feel free to call us.


  • Caring for your screen porch:
    Your screen enclosure is virtually maintenance-free and should last many years. ​ The frames are powder coated aluminum, and can be wiped down and cleaned with common household cleaners. Screens can be cleaned gently with a garden hose or a gentle brush. Avoid spraying. bug spray on them, or leaning brooms or other objects against them. ​ Birds cause the most damage if they fly into the screen; their beaks often leave a small hole. On aluminum screens, you can often use a safety pin to push the strands back into place. For large rips and tears, screens can be replaced onsite. If a screen gets knocked loose, sometimes you can push the spline back in with a butter knife. Screen doors have speed adjustments on the closer, and can be adjusted.​
  • How long does it take to install a screen or glass enclosure?
    After we measure, installation requires a few days in the shop building frames and a few days onsite for most jobs. Doors and other materials may take a few weeks to get, custom glass about 4 weeks, and depending on schedules lead times can vary.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    No, we prefer checks only.
  • Do you install during Winter?
    Yes, but not in blizzard conditions. (I did install a screen porch once with -14° windchill, but will pass on that now.)
  • Will you drive out for an estimate?
    We will if you're not too far away, but most of the time I can get you a ballpark quote first from photos or emailing *.pdf plans. If it looks good to go, then I will stop by for a hard quote. Most owners building new homes have plans that can be emailed.
  • Do you offer any sales or discounts?
    My uncle never got into "buy today and get $200 off." We try to give a fair quote and treat everybody the same.
  • Do you offer custom colors?
    We tried that in the past, but the cost was expensive and it was difficult to control the quality of the paint.
  • Do you warranty your screen rooms?
    Yes, for 1 year. However, screens are not covered for damage by tree limbs, pets, etc.
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