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Craig Priebe

Craig Priebe started working with his uncle Howard A. Andrews in the porch business in 1980. Working summers through college studying architecture and music, he is now keeping the family business going. "I credit my Uncle as being a teacher and doing things the right way. He always told me 'build every porch enclosure as if it was your own home'."  Craig and his wife, Nancy, enjoy traveling, fly fishing, and wildlife photography.

Howard A. Andrews, 1932-2006

Howard A. Andrews acquired a few nicknames over the years. His company was one of only a handful of companies that started building aluminum porch enclosures back in the 1950s, and he was often called “The Dean.” Some also called him the “Doctor of Aluminum” but most simply referred to him as “Uncle.” As a master of puns, one customer commented he was a “comedian masquerading as the Porch Man.” Howard had a reputation for being extremely fussy, and taught his employees to be neat and courteous. He strove to be one of the "good guys" in the home improvement business.


After all the years he had been working (often well into the evening hours and on weekends preparing estimates), Howard also enjoyed relaxing on his fishing boat, "The Red Barron."

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